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Nasreddin Hodja’s Anectodes with Language of Poetry

While Nasreddin Hodja’s anectodes have been told with language of prose in among of people, since 16. century, they have been written with language of poetry, because of style of writers and artists, and of accordance with taste of readers and audiences.

It is seen that Nasreddin Hodja’s anectodes told with language of prose in past have been adapted to language of poetry by diwan and folk poets. It is said that adapting anectodes to the language of poetry are linked with these poets’ idea of art. In this chapter we present to reader some examples of Nasreddin Hodja’s anectodes adapted to language of poetry and some poems addressing to him.


Hodja Rides His Donkey With His Face To The Tail

It so happened that Hodja stopped at a village and stayed there overnight. The villagers asked Hodja to deliver the Friday sermon. He did so. As he left the mosgue, the villagers in their eagerness to serve Hodja, got the donkey ready for Hodja to get on. As Hodja mounted his donkey he thought for sometime and sat on the donkey with his face to the tail. The people around him were astonished. One curious man asked:

-O Hodja, I’m sorry to ask, but why do you ride the donkey like that?

Hodja answered with a smile:

-You see, if I rode with my face looking straight ahead, you would be behind me. If on the other hand, you were to walk in front you would turn your backs on me. This way of riding solves the problem. That is why.

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Is The Thief Not To Blame At All?

Once it happened that Hodja got his donkey stolen. As he desperately told his neighbours of his problem, each said something blaming Hodja.

A man said:

-My dear Hodja, why on earth didn’t you lock the stable properly?

Another man said,

-How did it happen that you have made this stupid mistake of negligence?”.

Still another said,

– I’m sorry, sir, but you are to blame for this act of theft. You haven’t even got a proper stable. It is about to collapse!”

Hodja was angry and said:

-It is all very well, my dear friends, but hasn’t the thief anything to be blamed for?


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